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Early intervention Early Intervention Program (Birth to age 3)
In collaboration with Early Intervention Programs, Children Making Strides offers both home and center based ABA programs for young children diagnosed with autism. There is no cost to families for these services and they are provided through the Department of Public Health’s Early Intervention Program. If your child is not a participant in EI programs, services may be available under the ARICA law through your health insurance company.
Home ABA Home & Community ABA Programs (Ages 3 and above)
ABA services are available through most insurance companies including MASSHEALTH for children with a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder. These services include discrete trials, behavior managements, parent training, community integration, social skills and activities of daily living. For more information on what insurance covers you can contact our office and find out what services your policy covers.
Plymouth Learning Center Plymouth & Fall River Learning Centers
Children Making Strides Plymouth Learning Center is conveniently located in the Plymouth Industrial Park, and our Fall River Center is located in the Fall River Industrial Park. Both facilities offer 1:1 ABA therapy and group programs. Our Centers also offer simulated pre-school programs, social skills groups, parent workshops, learning activities, homework help, video modeling, games and assessments and evaluations. Most, if not all, of these services would be covered by insurance plans. Please contact us to schedule a tour today!
Plymouth Learning Center School & Community Consultation
Children Making Strides offers consultations and evaluations to schools by our BCBA staff and other professionals as requested.
Social Skills Program Social Skills Programs
Social Skills Programs are offered at the Plymouth location during the week and on Saturdays. Groups are organized based upon a number of factors including age, areas of interest and level of social skills. Individualized 1:1 social programs are also taught through a curriculum that includes a home component of practice and parent involvement. These programs can also be offered in off-site locations if there is an interest and enough participants to support the program. In most cases these services are covered by insurance.
Parent Training, Community Training Parent Training & Community Training Programs
Children Making Strides offers Parent Training programs on a monthly basis. We also offer community training programs to first responders, law enforcement personnel, hospital staff and schools.
Campus Connections Campus Connections
Campus Connections is a program designed for college bound students. It is a program specifically designed for students with Asperger’s or High Function Autism that plan on attending a school of higher education. The program will take students and parents through the process of researching and locating the school that will best support the needs of that student. The initial part of the program will take the student through the college search, the application process, and the acceptance. The second phase of the program will explore life on a college campus and how to navigate through school from issues like the bookstore, communal bathrooms and crazy roommates to asking for academic supports, developing a social like and if and when to disclose their disability. There is an option for a week long summer program at a local college to prepare students for the upcoming year.
Ladders Program Ladders Program
Children Making Stride is pleased to have neurologist Dr. Margaret Bauman, one of the country’s foremost experts on autism available for appointments in both out Plymouth and Pocasset locations. Dr. Bauman, the Director of the Autism Research Foundation and her colleagues are bringing access to medical services for those in the southeastern part of the state. Call the office for information or to schedule an appointment.

“My son was diagnosed with PDD at 22 months old. His doctor referred him to Children Making Strides and within a month he was
receiving in home ABA therapy. Within the first month of his sessions there was such a dramatic changed in my son. From then
on he continued to improve. The staff of Children Making Strides is very dedicated to what they do and determined to make a
difference in every child. They make you feel very comfortable when their working with your child and keep you involved in every
aspect of your child’s programs. They also very professional and prompt with each session. I would more than recommended their
services to any family with a child on the autism spectrum. I’m so grateful in the difference they made in my child.”
Shannon of New Bedford
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